Owner Johnny Bravo

Vehicle 1987 PORSCHE 944 TURBO CUP
Engine Type 2.5L 4-cylinder in-line water-cooled (type M44/52) turbo
Vehicle Class Factory race car
Color White
Updated 24-09-2010 03:51 PM
Mileage 131,000 Kilometres
Purchase Date
URL www.porsche944turbocup.co.za
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One of 19 original factory race cars imported to South-Africa for the 1987 race series. Verified engine and chassis number check done. 260hp-300hp depending on options, between 200-250kg lighter than a standard 944 turbo.

Some specifications include:

Magnesium racing wheels (8x16F, 9x16R)
Magnesium intake manifold
Magnesium oil pan
Max Rev to 6700 RPM
928 S4 brakes cross drilled discs (front disc 304mm)
Racing brake pads (front pads are 959 part numbers)
Brake cooling kit
Strut tower brace bar over engine
Fiberglass hood with race locks
Exterior power kill switch
Interior power kill switch
90w Altenator
Larger higher output turbo unit (KKK k26 type 8)
Larger sway bars, rear adjustable (30mm front 21mm rear)
High performance engine electronics
Surakrit safety windshield
Full Mater safety roll cage
Recaro racing seat
Driver racing harness
Lightweight side mirrors
Special front struts
Special rear shocks with springs
Strengthened rear torsion arms
Heavy duty racing clutch
Quick ratio steering
Higher degree limited slip axle
Strengthened differential and axle gears
Strengthened transmission gears
Close ratio 5th gear
Transmission oil cooler
ABS brakes (with switch)
Stiffened main chassis
Strengthened strut towers
Hard rubber suspension mounts
Lightweight battery (36ah)
Single engine cooling rad
Underbody drag reduction panels
Lightweight noise insulation
Delete - Power steering
Delete - Fender liners
Delete - Radio, speakers
Delete - Headlight washers
Delete - Air conditioning
Delete - Power windows
Delete - Rear wiper
Delete - Engine shield
Delete - Undercoating
Delete - Sunroof
Delete - Power seats
Delete - Leather interior
Delete - Rear seat back
Delete - Rear trunk release
Delete - Power mirrors
Delete - Door storage pockets
Delete - Cassette storage