• Used Parts

    How it all began:

    Started about 8 years ago purely by chance when Mark Charlesworth (aka Johnny Bravo) was building his 911 RSR race replica. We removed the original interior and body panels to replace it with lightweight race stuff and when advertising the original Porsche parts for sale we were instantly flooded with phone calls.

    Once we began looking for other parts ourselves for the RSR replica I realised how extremely hard it was to find parts and ended up buying a complete car just so I could use the engine and gearbox for my project car. The excess parts seem to build up as the project went on and I started making notes of who was selling what parts and who was looking for parts that weren’t currently available, it was only a matter of time and I became well known as a source for top quality Porsche parts.

    About us:

    The name JB Racing originates from my nickname being Johnny Bravo after the cartoon character, a fellow Porsche club members sons gave me the nickname about 7 years ago when I arrived at a race event in blue jeans and a black t-shirt with my hair spiked up in front just like Johnny Bravo, and the name has just stuck ever since.

    Most of the Porsche club guys call me Johnny and I would be surprised if half of them knew that wasn’t actually my real name.

    I now supply 2nd hand Porsche parts to insurance companies, panel beaters, private vehicle owners and enthusiasts and was involved helping the Police about 2 years ago tipping them off to a syndicate who were selling stolen parts which resulted in arrests being made and some stolen parts and a stolen truck being recovered.

    I have been a local Porsche club member since 2002 and have always loved sports cars for as long as I can remember.

    What we do:

    I buy, sell and even trade Porsche parts and have one of the biggest collections of 2nd hand 911 Porsche parts available in SA currently.

    What started off as a bit of fun and a hobby has become a nice busy business that gives Porsche owners & enthusiasts an alternative source of good quality parts that are sometimes harder to find locally.

    Most of our parts are mid 1970's to 1980's 911 G-series spares including engines, gauges, suspension, brakes, gearboxes, complete interiors and exterior body panels.

    We also have a selection of 911 (996) & Boxster (986) wheels, interior bits, suspension parts as well as other select items.

    Our range of bumpers is fairly extensive with front & rear bumpers available for most 911, Boxster & Cayenne models including the later 997, 987 and 957 range.

    A selection of our current stock can be found in the classified section of this website with a full list including photos soon to be available on our main website.


    We are always interested in buying any Porsche parts if the price is right, so if you have something to sell contact us with details and preferably a photo and we can make you an offer. If there are any parts we dont have we will happily try and source them for you, just email johnnyb@jbracing.co.za with your requirements and I will get back to you, no obligation or cost to you whatsoever.

    Our Mission:

    To become the biggest supplier of second hand Porsche parts in South-Africa offering a large selection of top quality spares for the Porsche enthusiast and owner. We guarantee all our parts to be as shown in the relevant photograph, with all descriptions and applicable part numbers acturately detailed.

    I can be contacted directly anytime on 082 4404215 (Johnny Bravo aka Mark Charlesworth) and am always happy to discuss Porsche parts and Porsche related issues.