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» Porsche: The Engineering Story
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Seller Motorbooks  
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Location Porsche Planet Shop
Condition New
Keywords Engineering, Haynes, Jeff Daniels
Author Jeff Daniels
Publisher Haynes Publishers
No of illustrations 200 black & white
No of pages 240
Part no or Ref no H4204 ISBN NO 9781844252046
Model description Hardback
Body type N/A
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Over the years, Porsche has developed a reputation for technical innovation and for using cutting-edge technology in its road cars. This book travels chronologically through Porsche's technical history, each chapter starting at a crucial point in the company's evolution. From Dr Porsche's preparation of high-powered prototype Beetles for competition purposes, to the technology incorporated in the latest Cayenne and Carrera GT models, as well as the latest 997-model 911, the reader is taken on a fascinating journey through the Porsche archives, uncovering much previously unknown information.