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Ad Type For Sale
Ask Price 845.00 ZAR
Seller Motorbooks  
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Seller type Store
Location Porsche Planet Shop
Condition New
Keywords Brian Long, racing
Author Brian Long
Publisher Veloce Publishing
No of illustrations 600 total of which 233 are in colour
No of pages 272
Part no or Ref no V344 ISBN NO 9781904788447
Model description Hardback
Body type N/A
Classified details
Today, one cannot escape the fact that the words 'Porsche' and 'racing' go hand in hand. This book follows Porsche's year-by-year progress in top flight racing, and looks in detail at the pure competition cars that brought the German marque such immense success on the tracks and worldwide acclaim. This particular volume starts with story of the giant killing 550 Spyders of 1953 vintage, and takes the reader through a series of racing models, including the glorious 917, up to 1975 via contemporary photography and words from an acknowledged Porsche authority. A second volume covers the years 1976 onwards. The book includes detailed year by year coverage of Porsche's top class racing exploits in words and 300 excellent photos.